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Failed. That's the first thought I have when I wake up. I failed. I'm back. I'm whole again. Oh, Willow, what dangerous trick you played on me! There was no time bomb in my chest, of course there wasn't. They didn’t want to risk destroying me. She anchored my soul to me, as a failsafe for Faith's protection, for keeping my evil in check.


Faith hits me hard over the face, and I want to turn to dust rather than look at her. What have I done? Monster! My stomach lurches again but there's nothing left to throw up.


Oh God, Faith! I bit her again. Nearly killed her again. If it weren't for Willow's backhanded trick, I would've turned her. Because it's something else I remember. I remember falling in love with her. I dare to raise my head now. I have to test if the love withstood the returning of the soul.


Her anger hits me stronger than her fist had. I'm in a maelstrom of feelings and awareness. I'm grateful for the chains I feel around me. I'm a glutton for punishment now. I love her. Mad impossible soul wrenching love.


I can't tell her about the soul. She wouldn't believe me in any case, but the truth is I'd rather have her think of me as the monster I really am than stand her pity, or her disappointment.


So I have to pretend I'm still soulless. I don’t think that Willow told her about the soul, and what's more, I doubt that Willow herself was aware that I might spontaneously get it back if I fall in love. I don't want to think about that. I fell in love with her from the depths of my darkness. I remember the plans of torturing and turning her, but I am now fully aware of what was beneath them. Love. Soulless love. Now... I don’t know what I can call it now. Pure love. Complete. Unbounded. Unstoppable.


I made her believe I had lost my soul once, before she ever saw me truly without it. I can make her believe it again. Easier now since she knows that my soul rests safely in a jar on Giles's desk.


"If you were bitten by a werewolf, we are in a world of trouble. We both got it now," I tell her.


I wonder if my voice sounded as careless as it should have. There is an abyss of guilt waiting to engulf me. I have to hide it. As well as I can. As deep as I can. For as long as it takes to find a way out. If I don’t, our world is doomed.


Looks like Faith's injuries will overcome her usual post slaying friskiness. My virtue
might be safe for a while. I'm assessing her carefully. Maybe it's her virtue that is going to be in danger. She looks weak, weaker than I saw her in a long time. This may well be the moment I was waiting for.

I run through various scenarios, so eager to finally have her that I'm unable to settle on only one. My girl's strength dwindles, and I'm next to her, ready to catch her when she falls. I lick my lips at the scent of her blood. It's fresh, still trickling from her cuts. It takes me a great effort of will to keep from sinking my fangs into her right then and there. I'll bide my time like the big bad monster I am.

We enter a palace, and while Faith admires its architecture, too dazed by the blood loss to think straight, I extend my sense in search of danger signs. I'm satisfied that there's no living creature and no protecting spell anywhere close by, when I feel her letting go. She falls to my chest, lost to the world.

"Sleep well, Faithie. I'm here, watching over you," I whisper, running my lips along her neck.

She's in my power. Completely. I pick her up in my arms, and I move around the huge building, in search of the perfect place. No palace would be complete without dungeons. They’re in ruin, like everything else, but they are serviceable.

I place my precious burden on the floor, next to the wall fitted with chains. First of all, I chain her arms and legs with heavy shackles, and then I look thorough her bag for anything resembling a first aid kit.

I look disdainfully at the disinfectant. With my game face on, I undo Faith's clothes and lick clean every cut on her body. Her blood has the proverbial Slayer kick to it, and I can’t help grazing her skin with my fangs, adding new cuts, drinking the warm blood spilling from them. I feel the sharp ridges of my face scraping against her skin, and I press harder into her flesh. I love the way her body responds even when she's unconscious. I rub my face against her chest and her nipples harden deliciously, snagging against my ridges. I growl and suck at them through the tattered fabric of her shirt.

Sighing, I stand up. Time to play later. I can't leave her unconscious for so long, or she'll suffer all sorts of damage I can’t repair. I learned that lesson with Dru. I use her little medicine bag to patch her up enough to stop bleeding, and I awake her.

"Wake up, Faithie," I say in a tone that mixes military command with sexual suggestion.


Approaching the village, Faith’s caution level skyrocketed. It appeared to be utterly deserted, but she knew that wasn’t so. It couldn’t be if only for the massive thrum of energy that seemed to physically press against her--begging to be let in. Angelus was saying something behind her, but words seemed so unimportant the closer she came to the town.

It was only a matter of moments before she was standing at the edge of what separated the town from the rest of Quor-Toth. There was no physical barrier by any means, but the energy grew stronger. Faith couldn’t resist any longer. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, drinking the power into herself.

The moment she allowed herself that one slip of power, Faith could feel herself change--physically. Her body thrummed not with the energy she’d taken into herself, but her own natural power.

Faith waited to continue into the village until Angelus was by her side, and still she said nothing. Words were beyond her comprehension. Everything was so clear now and basic now, she was truly in the mindset of a Slayer.

Following the line of energy, Faith found herself closing in on the center of town where everyone seemed to have congregated. There wasn’t any violence, just the thrumming energy that moved with an archaic beat of dreams. Something mystical was definitely going on. Everyone was…high on power and instead of it being a full on free for all fight, it was a free for all orgy, or damn near close to it.

Everyone was feasting, drinking, or pressing themselves against one another in dance or more as they allowed the energy to intoxicate them. Faith was no exception. She drank in enough power that the moment she realized there wasn’t any danger, the beat of the drum and energy took over her body.

She moved into the crowd with a feline’s grace, and they accepted her, and the power that emanated from her happily. Her hips swayed, and the rest of her body followed in a way that would have damned you to hell just for watching.


Angelus licked his lips and squeezed his eyes shut tighter. His arm around her, the way she was leading his hand over her body, that little moan escaping her lips, were stirring up his already jumpstarted libido. All his effort to calm down after the kiss were ruined by what she was doing, but he wanted nothing more than for her to keep doing that.


His forearm was resting gently on her breasts, while she pressed her cheek in his palm. It took a lot of effort to let her move his hand along her neck, when he could feel her blood flowing under the delicate skin, making it thrum, a frustrating reminder of what delicious treasure was so close and so forbidden to him. He tightened his free hand in a fist, and clenched his jaws, trying to keep from startling Faith out of her sleepiness and into an awareness that would most likely have his arm shoved roughly away from her.


She surprised him again. When she realized what she was doing and with whom, she simply put his arm chastely around her waist, with no comment, or threat or random acts of violence. He held back the urge to spoon against her back, but he pulled her closer to him. She was pasted along his side, and her ass pressed snuggly against his hip, daring him to roll on his side and enjoy it rubbing against his groin. He didn't. He just pressed his cheek into her hair, breathing in her scent as inconspicuously as possible.


"If word gets around that I snuggle, I'm going to... I'm too tired to think of something now, but be sure you will regret blabbing."


Out of the cage!


For the first time in years, Angelus was out of the soul cage. He regretted not breaking out because his wimpier self got lucky. Angel's guilt had remained like a lingering, bittersweet aftertaste when the curse had first broken down all those years ago in Sunnydale. It was almost embarrassing to think that the witch and the Watchers had made the decision for him.


In his iron cage, Angelus had waited until they released him. He was good at waiting. They had freed him from the shackles of that pesky little soul to send him to hell. Well, wasn't life grand! The world would end if he didn't achieve their goals in Quor-Toth. Tough for the world! Angelus had enjoyed earthly delights for centuries. Being the King of Hell might be just as rewarding.


Faith was next to him, waiting and watching. They really thought this girl, this second rate Slayer, was going to be able to keep him in check? Stupid mortals. Still, he had no intention of harming Faith until he got to grips with the other dimension.


The older Watcher was looking at them as the witch was opening the portal. If he came back, Rupert Giles and the witch were on top of his black list. He was not even going to bother torturing them. Much.


All thoughts of coming back began fading away as the vortex appeared. He blew Buffy a kiss before stepping over, and was satisfied to hear the stake cracking a bit as her grip on it tightened. Now that was a plaything worth tormenting...


Faith was closer now, as they both approached the portal. Before crossing over, Angelus wondered if the younger Slayer might not prove to be enough of an entertainment for him. He had so few reasons to come back that she must have been given orders what to do to him if he refused.


angelus and faith
Angelus and Faith's adventure in Quor-Toth

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